The Open Battles Series

Points Kills

About the Series

The Open Battles Series is your entryway into Ranking up on the website! Ranking up on the website allows you to enter Tournaments & Create Teams as these require a minimum level of 3. We run matches on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, enough matches to get your leaderboard rankings up!

The teams with the highest points at the end of the season can advance to the next series!

How Do I Join?

Visit the battles page to view all the open battles we have currently open. Click Enter Battle to register. Once you've joined the battle, you will receive information on how to join ingame server.

You do NOT need a team to enter these battles, you can create a party on the fly for Duo and Squad games.

Scoring Settings

+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 25 points

2nd place: 18 points

3rd place: 15 points

4th place: 12 points

5th place: 10 points

6th place: 8 points

7th place: 6 points

8th place: 4 points

9th place: 2 points

10th place: 1 point

11-last place: 0 points

No points are rewarded for finishing outside of Top 10 for Solo & Top 5 for Duo & Squads.

Server Settings

Server settings are voted for on Battles page.