AWD-IT Tournament Ladder

About the Ladder

The AWD-IT Tournament Ladder is your entryway into the upcoming Prized Tournament sponsored by AWD-IT & Cooler Master!

Top 1-5 Will go straight into the upper bracket, teams 6-15 will go into the lower bracket.

How Do I Join?

You will only have a certain time to join. Visit the League page for more information on how to enter.

You WILL need a team to enter this Ladder.

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Scoring Settings


+ 1 point/kill

1st place: 30 points

2nd place: 22 points

3rd place: 19 points

4th place: 16 points

5th place: 15 points

6th place: 13 points

7th place: 11 points

8th place: 10 points

9th place: 8 points

10th place: 7 point

11th-12th place: 6 points

13th-15th place: 5 points

16th-20th place: 4 points

21st-25th place: 3 points

Server Settings


Default Loot

No Red Zone

1.5x Assault Rifles